Your Hosts

sailboatSusan and Van Wilson are the owners and innkeepers at Sleeping Bear Bed & Breakfast. After years of dreaming of the innkeeper life while working at corporate jobs, they are finally making the dream come true in the idyllic Leelanau Peninsula.

Susan is a pension actuary who worked in that field for thirty-plus years. More importantly, she spent that time becoming an accomplished chef, trained in the French manner. Her interest in fine food led her to study many styles and techniques of cooking. Our guests experience the results every morning with breakfast at Sleeping Bear Bed & Breakfast. From tried and true stand-bys, such as Sleeping Bear French Toast, to the more adventuresome dishes, ("How about Breakfast Burritos?") the food is wonderful.

Van is an artist and craftsman with a background in art education and home construction and restoration. He enjoys creating and building to this day. Sleeping Bear Bed and Breakfast, with its classic farmhouse, barn and beautiful four rolling acres will serve to feed his many ideas for years to come.

Together, they have enjoyed sailing and kayaking, as well as the less-active, but just as enjoyable, sport of beachcombing. Sailors for thirty years, they now sail a classic 30' Cape Dory Cutter on Lake Michigan. They look forward to the numerous opportunities to kayak the lakes and rivers of northern Michigan and to sail the northern "Big Lake".

Van and Susan are inveterate travelers and have been enriched by their trips in the United States and abroad. Visits to Sleeping Bear Bed & Breakfast may include a tale of our adventures, both as sailors and world travelers. It's always fun to compare stories. (Van is originally from Texas and the tales can get a little tall!)